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Wow wow wow Sunday 25th June's Service Was Just So Powerful #Glorrryyyyy #Halelujah #FlourishingaPstMJ

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Congratulations to our Highly Esteemed 14th CEO of the BLW nation...Pst Deola Phillips! We welcome you once again Ma! Love you! #cesazone5

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Today's outfit and entrance👌 Prayer👌 Massage👌 Sing and dance👌#FlourishingPstMJ He was indeed flourishing today Thanks Pastor Mike Sir🙌

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Despite ur speaking in tongues,If u don't Honor ur father and ur mother,it will not be well with u (Ephesians 6:3)~ Rev Tom #ICLC2017 #sevz1

Exercise your authority in Christ #cebonaberi #ewcavz4

Singing .... no one know, like I know, what you've done for me, that's why I praise you the way I do.

Let Gods word guide you to understand your purpose.. #cebonaberi #ewcavz4

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