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Happy Birthday My Dearest Boss, Friends and Sister, Thank you for Being special to God, thank you for being a Son of consolation. Continuous increase! I love you ma.

Happy Birthday My Dearest Boss,

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How beautiful & how sweet are the prayers of the righteous to the ears Almighty; nothing in heaven & earth or the universe with its planetary systems, thrills the heart of the Father than FELLOWSHIPPING with His children in spirit & in truth. #BrotherLorenz #prayingnow #prayer

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It is my Birthday today June 15th,and I'm so thankful to God for all the testimonies. Thank you Lord for your outpouring of Grace,your divinity in me and all the opportunities to serve and affect lives. Lord you're so good,you're so good to me. #june15th #dcnsgladwell #divinity

Light For Life Happening now!!

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