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MIRACLE HEALING AND IMPARTATION SERVICES...with Pastor Benny Hinn! "Get registered and do it quickly" Pastor Says! During the Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris, the man of God made a special announcement of the upcoming Miracle Healing and Impartation Services with Pastor Benny Hinn, taking place in Lagos, Nigeria. "The power of the Spirit of God will be manifested in a tremendous way." Pastor said, concerning the highly anticipated watershed event. The program is free but to attend you have to register. Do so NOW via www.pastorchrisonline.org or http://app.kingschat.at/mhis/registration Make sure to get registered right away and share this post with all your contacts and on your social media accounts! Source: LoveWorld News http://lw-news.com/jux5m #CEWarriZone #MHIS

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Birthday day bro Bright . We love you so much from masterpiece. #cewarrizone #church1b #masterpiece

The program is 4 Days away.It is important to focus your mind,emotions and entire faculties on what you're praying about. #blwukzone2 #blwOx

4 hours to my super dad's birthday still loading love you big sir #pastorolumidesbirthday

There's something to SHOUT ABOUT. Everybody scream DOB, Miracles everywhere. #DOBUKZONE2 #Norwood #VOH

HBD Pastor Ma;i am truly inspired that you are more humble|graceful|kinder as the years go by;10q for your life of influence..i❤u ma!

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With my 500th post on KC I would like to thank God for increased grace for DOB UKZONE 2 #dobukzone2 #blwmiltonkeynes #insight4men

Words cannot describe how much you mean to me. All I'm today is because of the Holy Spirit and you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOVE YOU DEEPLY MA😍

Everybody shout "DOB CHAIRMAN" #DOBUKZONE2 #Norwood #VOH

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