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updated their profile photo

Never ever....

I believe and there fore have I spoken. when you believe all things are possible and thus you are an overcomer in this world. 1jn 5:5


Can never be over emphasised

What a great blessing and a great honour to have a father,teacher,mentor and life coach as Pastor Chris. We are raised by him. #cemontreal.

updated their profile photo

Speaking in tongues unlocks and unleashes the power within the Christian and causes the miraculous to happen. #poweroftongues

If you really want to see the glory of God in your life, to see promotion and have greater blessings then speak in tongues more than before

"Any dream u dream this year means triumph. Don't give the wrong interpretation to your dream" #PstSiji #MidweekService #August12'2015

A life without Kingschat is just breathing. #glad_to_be_back

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