WE CELEBRATE OUR HERO, OUR FATHER, OUR PROPHET AND OUR PRESIDENT – HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR SIR Dear Dad, This special time of the year affords us the opportunity to affirm louder and more profusely, all that your presence in our lives means to us, and to thank you Sir, for all that you, through the Spirit have made us, with the glorious message you brought to us. Our lives are radiant, our successes resounding, our victories unending and our glory resplendent, all because the Lord brought us into your world and birthed us in your vision. Thank you Sir, for bringing us into God’s purpose and making us stars. We celebrate you everyday Sir, in our hearts, in our prayers, in our words and in our actions, because each day we see how far removed we are from the natural course of life, how dignified and indeed exceptional we are because of your gospel. Reminiscing as BLW celebrates her first 30 years, we are even now more conscious than ever of the transforming power of the message you have raised us with, as we see in pictures that which you have always declared to be the case – as we beheld, we were continually being metamorphosed in ever-increasing glory, by the Spirit of the Lord. Thank you Pastor Sir, for raising us champions, kings and masters over our world! Your heavenly words have built us strong and prepared us for greater days ahead. We are set for greater exploits from the Federal Capital, Abuja to the ends of the earth, manifesting that which you have invested in us, touching lives with Christ’s liquid love which you so tenderly epitomize, and taking our world with the power of the Spirit as we have seen you do. We love you Pastor Sir; we are of all men most blessed to have you as our father. Happy Birthday Dad. #ceabujazone #celebratingourfather #dec7 #PastorChrisGeneration


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Words cannot fully express the gratitude I have to my most cherished father in Christ. Happy birthday to God's general.

I Love you Dad. Happy Birthday Sir #cepolokwane #sazone1

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Happy Birthday to my Father

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This is delicious working miracle in the kitchen https://www.kingsch.at/p/cnhQV2F

Happy Birthday to my father, an Icon, a selfless leader a great Teacher who has changed and is still changing lives all over the world.

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Celebrating God's General!!! #dec7 #celebratingpastorchris #celebratingGodsgift

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