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Profound prophesies

Profound prophesies

Photos speaks!!!#ImpartationservicewithPastorCletus #cepointenoire #ewcavza

No distraction we are focus!!!#ImpartationservicewithPastorCletus #cepointenoire #ewcavza

#Thehavennation #Theglobalmeetingwiththepresident #ThehavenZE2

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Great tings r happening, #supernatural service with PST Cletus #ewcavz4


GLORIOUS WORDS FROM TODAY'S SUNDAY SERVICE #NightofBlissOwerri #withPastorJohn #supernatural God has a financial system for his children. It is God's will and purpose to have his children prosper. There are many people who don't understand God's financial system and that account for the poverty in the world. The reason for their low GDP is as a result of their low GMP. In walking in Gods financial system, you can be bigger than the economy around you. Gods lifting power is in your mouth. Proverbs 3:9-10 Success is not what anyboby think you are, it is about what God has called you to do. When you are born into Christ, you are born into the abrahamic blessings where there is no room for lack or want. How much can you trust God with your life. #SEVZ2 #CEOWERRI

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#PhotoSpeaks Highlights of today's glorious Sunday Service @ the recently pioneered Christ Embassy Nakuru Church, Kenya Zone... Indeed, the Lord is building His Church, and the gates of hell cannot stand against it! #CeKenyaZone #Supernatural2018

Week of money #GlobalMeetongWithThePresident #THEHAVENZE2

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