Pst Linda O: What an awesome APOC 2017 on KingsChat Web

What an awesome APOC 2017 with our MOG! thank u Pastor Sir for gr8 words imparted to us.Im a passionate partner with Kingdom consciousness

What an awesome APOC 2017 What an awesome APOC 2017

"Giving is an expression of joy"-pastor Chris I'll so much give that the devil will cry because I've found my joy in giving #APOCcerouen

Partners pay rapt attention to the word of God in the #APOC with pastor Chris #APOC2017 #EDONORTHANDEDOCENTRAL #CEAUCHI1 #PZA #HLCBENIN

KINGDOM CONSCIOUSNESS! Jesus was always conscious of the Kingdom. It's importance is even such that the book of Acts starts and ends talking about the Kingdom of God. A Kingdom functions differently and Jesus taught us through out His time on earth, the way to pray, talk and live in this Kingdom. Let the consciousness of the Kingdom be that constant in your life that controls everything about you. Be kingdom conscious and teach others to be so!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! #apoc2017

Jesus started His ministry preaching d kingdom of God, He ends His ministry preaching the kingdom of God. #APOC2017 #CESAZONE1

I am Kingdom minded. #APOC #APOC2017 #blwnorthampton

I'm Kingdom Conscious

Nothing is impossible with my God. I'm kingdom conscious. #APOC #APOC2017


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