South East Virtual Zone 2: Esteemed Pastor Ewaen Edun is on KingsChat Web

Esteemed Pastor Ewaen Edun is here in the fullness of the spirit WATCH LIVE ON CEFLIX

Esteemed Pastor Ewaen Edun is Esteemed Pastor Ewaen Edun is Esteemed Pastor Ewaen Edun is Esteemed Pastor Ewaen Edun is

Happy Birthday, my senior bros & friend! I celebrate ur gentle, 'reverendly' mien and loving commitment to d gospel. U spread big! I love u!

From glory to glory God is taking, you flourish like the cedar of Lebanon, bearing fruit in every season. Happy birthday sir

Thanking God in a grand style, really looking forward to Thanksgiving Day 2. #ceenugu1 #ss1vz2

updated his profile photo

You: HBD my lovely sis Petra. Thank you for your great kindness and commitment. U r indeed a bundle of blessing. God bless you mightily

Out and about with ma girls Shirls &Hla....birthday in arrears stuff @MelroseArch Sandton #chill #Nov10 #Nov22 #jbscorner #weneededthisyoh

You will continually have reasons to thank God on our behalf without sorrow in your heart for GOD'S WORD IS PREVAILING IN US. Happy BDAY SIR

Future Africa Leaders' Awards Nomination Show! 17days To Go Showing all Loveworld Networks, CEFLIX, etc. Don't miss it!! #FALA #FALA2016

HBD br Larry. Thanks for being a great helper of the war. U r supremely blessed and u spread in all directions. #cecanada #cebramptongroup

Am enjoying Gods word #Cesazone5# #Cemutare# #Blwuzgroupj#

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