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What a wonderful Retreat 🔥☀️! We are Shining by the Holy Spirit! #UKVZ4RETREAT #2019LIGHTS

What a wonderful Retreat 🔥☀️! What a wonderful Retreat 🔥☀️!


Celebrating a firebrand for Jesus!! A trailblazer. An expansionist. A helper of the war. A kind and loving personality. Sold out!! Happy birthday Dear Esteemed Pastor Niyi. Kings are coming to the brightness of your rising.

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Updated his profile photo

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I'm so Thankful and Grateful to God to celebrate my Birthday At the beginning of the year. Right after the fresh Rhema word from God. I am LIGHT, multifaceted. Shining brighter than ever. I've already started 2019 impacting the nation's and the world with me. LIGHT. LOVE. PEACE.

CE USA REGION 2 PRESENTS... Highlights of the 31st night Service with Pastor Chris in CE AURORA . #CEUSAREGION2 #31stservicewithPastorChris #CEAURORA

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We are ruling as One Man #UKVZ4RETREAT #UKVZ4ASTEST

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