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Higher I go

Higher I go Higher I go Higher I go Higher I go Higher I go


Glorious Experience. #Loveworld Exhibitions #IPPC 2017

#blwcelebrates30years Glorious things ar spoken of thee o' ye sons of d ministry. Waxing greater & set do greater things in d next 30years!

For the records and for a reminder.. Daysman and myself in a selfie... Great things God has got His hand on.. I am going somewhere



Glory to God! What a celebration! Thank you Pastor sir for raising us in the Word. A new phase has started. Haleluyah #blwcelebrates30years

It's been amazing.. #ippc2017 #blw@30 #cephzone3

Awesome Awesome Loveworld Award Night!! Look at my children looking just on point!! Thanks to our Amazing Dad. This world belongs to us!! Glory to God!!

Top 100 moments. Congratulations to our winners. #ippc2017 #cesazone2 #cesazone1

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