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There is no holiday for soul winning, everyday is a HolyDay for soul winning #MegaOnlineCrusade #blwsazonec #Blwcampusministryrocks

There is no holiday for

#StillPraying #Day346 (pt 4) #photospeaks - inspiring moments from prayer sessions led by groups from CE Aba Zone, CE Lagos Virtual Zone and CE South-West Zone 1, in Nigeria; and CE Region 2 Zone 3, United Kingdom! #prayingnow #prayathon2020 #PCLprayathon2020 #iamapriestinoffice

DON’T TRY TO SHAME US The US presidential election has come and gone and Joe Biden has been declared the winner. Many like myself that voted Trump have moved on to focus our energy on prayer for the world not to be overrun by evil. But I dare say those that hate Trump with a passion have not and will probably not move on from Trump. To them, Trump destroyed the world. Trump is the reason their lives are not together. Trump engineered the Corona virus. All those assertions are well and good and I refrained from being dragged into such discussions. But when you have highly educated ignoramuses calling out Christians that voted Trump as Christian Trumpists, that is laughable, stupid and should not be condoned. There are many things you may agree with that I don’t agree with but I will not sit here and tear you down for agreeing with those same things I disagree with in order to make myself look better. Trump has lost, Biden has won, move on with your life and stop shaming those that voted Trump as though they are stupid, unintelligent and less spiritual. But if you sit on your high horse and think Christians that voted Trump are not spiritually sound or have lost their christian bearing, I have a breaking news for you, “YOU ARE WRONG”. I made my choice and you made your choice. We shall both give account to God why we made the choice we made. But never think for a moment that you are the one I would give account to for my own choice. At least my choice was founded on my belief in the scriptures while yours was probably founded on your disdain for one man that you have referred to as anything but godly. Let us assume for a moment that Trump was an ungodly sinner. This ungodly sinner did nothing against the church or its doctrine but rather defended, preserved and protected it in the face of onslaught and attempted annihilation. If you don’t like him as a person, that’s fine, you don’t have to. But I am about the protection of my religious freedom and christian belief. Now, the holier-than-thous that voted against Trump not just voted against the man they hate but they voted for policies that are against every christian doctrine they believe. While you are supporting the alternative to Trump just begin to post on your wall and let us all know now that you voted for abortion, you voted for homosexuality, you voted for clamping down on religious freedom and the right to pray in schools or any public gathering. When these things begin to happen in increasing measure we will be sure to knock on your door to congratulate you for a job well done. How can your disdain for one man make you turn a blind eye to the things that are against your faith? If Trump is living in sin, being a hypocrite and all other stuff he is said to be, it doesn’t affect your own faith or the practice of it. But to tout his alternative as some savior of yours means you don’t know the scriptures or you have willingly abandoned your faith because of your disdain for one man. The time will come when the alternative you have chosen will come back and demand it is mandatory to be included in the school curriculum that your children must learn the way of homosexuality and accept it. The time will come when it will be ok for pedophiles to have their way constitutionally with your children. The time will come when the whole country has to accept immorality as a lifestyle. It is then you will realize THIS IS THE MONSTER YOU HAVE CREATED. Those that supported Trump didn’t do so because he is some righteous figure. They supported what will preserve their faith and the freedom to practice it as contained in God’s word. The Bible says to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. So don’t sit in your righteous chair and dare to call those that voted Trump as Christian Trumpists. What an insult to us and buffoonery on your part. You voted what you wanted to vote for and I voted mine and you are still not satisfied but you want to try and shame me for making my own choice. That is ungodly, ugly and God is not pleased. Like they say, “God don’t like ugly”. Why not go on and celebrate that you had your way to install institutional immorality and ungodliness and leave out those that voted against it. I pray the Lord give you the courage to shut your trap and quit criticizing those that don’t agree with your choice. JESUS IS COMING SOON.

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Don't forget! The one that has called you will never let you down!


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ANNUAL THANKSGIVING AND GALA AWARDS 2020 🥳🎊🌟💫💥 CELEBRATING PERFECTION 💫🌟 CELEBRATING YOU, OUR HEROS Celebrating Alignment 🥳 Celebrating Completeness 🤩 Celebrating Excellence 🤩 Celebrating Fruition 🎉 #Thanksgiving #awards #blwghanazonea #blwcampusministryrocks

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For the past 3 days, I've been awed by the awesome cutting edge use of media technology by the Healing School on the Healing Streams Healing Services on healingstream.tv. It's been incredible. It's been awe inspiring. It's been amazing. It's been excellent. I'm extremely proud to be in Loveworld Nation. I'm extremely proud and awed and inspired by my father, my pastor, my man of God, my President: Rev. Chris Oyakhilome Dsc DD PhD. What a man!!! My esteemed CEO and Director of Healing School, Pastor Dr. Deola Phillips, I'm proud of you. You're too much. Loveworld Nation!!!!!!! We are incredible. We are aheadship. Wow!!!!! Look at this studio. Belongs to a department in an organisation? A church organisation? Situated in Africa? In Nigeria? In Lagos? Such excellence? Such opulence? Glorrryyyyy to God.

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