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Happy birthday Pastor Kayode Ayankoya. Thank you for answering the call to come to CE Raleigh. The Lord is your exceeding great reward. I joint the hosts of heaven & Saints on earth to celebrate your Life of Perfection. #Ceusaregion2 #ceraleigh

Happy birthday Pastor Kayode Ayankoya.
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Happy birthday Pastor. We love you

LOVEWORLD UK ZONE 2 AT IPPC 2020 - PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS OF DAY 5 AT THE LOVEWORLD AWARDS 2020 * LOVEWORLD UK TOP 25 INDIVIDUAL PARTNERS CATEGORY ■ 18th Position: Dcns Tolu Ogunwale ■ 6th Position: Pastor Niyi & Pastor Tosin Oyewunmi ■ 2nd Position: Pastor Tony and Pastor Beauty Aduroja * MINISTRY PROGRAMS INDIVIDUAL AWARDS FOR SPONSORSHIP OF YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS - (PASTORS & ZONAL PASTORS Category) ■ 24th Position: Pastors Tony and Beauty Aduroja * CAMPUS MINISTRY TOP 15 INDIVIDUAL PARTNERS CATEGORY ■ 6th Position: Pastors Tony & Beauty Aduroja * ROR COMMULATIVE PARTNERSHIP AWARDS FOR TOP GROUP CHURCHES ■26th Position: CENTRAL CHURCH #IPPC2020 #ukzone2 #OuryearofPerfection

Where Do I Begin? So Much To Say In Celebration Of An Amazing, Dynamic Leader! Thank You For Your Liquid Love, For Giving So Much Of Yourself For The Furtherance Of The Gospel! Your Labor Of Love Will Never Go Unrewarded! I Love You Dearly!❤️ #BONOS1120 #LMAMUSA #CE SILVER SPRING

#StillPraying #Day320 (pt 5) #photospeaks - inspiring moments from prayer sessions led by groups from CE Belgium, CE Netherlands and CE Norway, Western Europe Zone 1; CE North-West Zone 1, Nigeria; CE Region 1 Zone 3, United Kingdom; and CE Southern Africa Zone 4, South Africa! Prayer sessions also led by groups from Healing School Partnering Ministries, including leaders from Emmanuel Gospel and Healing Ministries, and more from India! #prayingnow #prayathon2020 #PCLprayathon2020 #iamapriestinoffice

LOVEWORLD UK ZONE 2 AT IPPC 2020 - PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS OF DAY 4 AT THE LOVEWORLD AWARDS 2020 * TOP PARTNERING ZONES FOR LOVEWORLD UK ■ 3rd Position: UK ZONE 2 * TOP 25 MOST OUTSTANDING ZONES IN SPONSORSHIP OF LMAM ■ 8th Position: UK Zone 2 * TOP 100 INDIVIDUALS FOR HEALING SCHOOL ■ 97th Position - Denette Botchway - LW Kingston ■ 84th position - Sis Favour Shiimbi - LW Guilford ■ 57th Position - Bro Colin Ratnam - LW Greenwich ■ 53th Position - Psts Ola & Bimpe - LW Norwood ■ 38th Position - Psts Niyi & Tosin Oyewunmi - LW Greenwich LW PUBLISHING TOP 15 ZONES IN DISTRIBUTION OF BIBLES ■ 9th position: UK ZONE 2 #IPPC2020 #ukzone2 #OuryearofPerfection

The winning Zone. We made it! Thank you Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor Sir. I love you.

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I celebrate you now & always! Enjoy your new year in the Lord Ma. Love you! 💃🎉💝🎉💃 #BONOS1120 #LMAMUSA #EastBayCA #LMAMWestGroup1 #LMAMUSARegion1 #LMAMUSAR1Z1

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She is beautiful & worth celebrating! #BONOS1120 #LMAMUSA #EastBayCA

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