saint Tega obioru: Happy supernatural birthday to my on KingsChat Web

Happy supernatural birthday to my pastor and a mentor you are a father and a mentor you show us the way we love you Sir #ce total church# CE warri ministry centre

Happy supernatural birthday to my

My appreciation goes to Brother Francis oyetimehin for Teaching me how to use The computer , The A plus intercom , making me to be IT compliant & Relevant in ministry being a workd class Team

....When you address Satan and his cohorts of darkness in the Name of Jesus, they respond as though they were hearing directly from Jesus. So, in dealing with Satan, don’t negotiate with him; cast him out! That’s what Jesus said we should do. #ROR

It's still our month of Auto Edification by Glosso lalia #CELZ1PRAYS #CELZ1ROCKS #CELCC2EXCELS #CELCC2WOMENGROUP

#Blwstaffappriciationday #mediadepartment #Cekenyazone Would like to thank and appriciate this wonderful sister and MA! For being amazing thank you for being exceptional I love you Ma #michelle_Mwongeli

My sincere appreciation goes to my highly Esteemed sister Damola Kolawole for her supervisory role as An Administrator in the oftp central Admin with Pastor Abiola Otenigbagbe Thank you for Those years of Trainning , make me Bigger , Better & Influential on my work as a staff .

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I really appreciate Pst Kuda of Admin for ur guidance in my work in the ministry...thanks for all the tips You are really special kind #BLWSTAFFAPPRECIATIONDAY#CEDSPZ5

#Blwstaffappriciationday #mediadepartment #cekenyazone Aka Esho I love you soo much sir thank you for being a great inspiration to me sir and also for the orpotunity to learn photography from you I love you #Moses

Happy Wedding Anniversary Pastor Sir and Ma. More Grace and God's favour upon you!!! I love you lots

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