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I have understanding... The wisdom of God rest in my heart.

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As I meditate on the word,the right thoughts,imaginations,and pictures are formed in my mind Amen.#myfaithdeclaration

#mydeclaration I am fruitful and productive. I am influential. I am a kingdom financier. I do great things in the body of Christ.

I have access to an untold&unending reservoir of riches & wealth.I’ve treasures everywhere..unquantifiable wealth in Christ! #mydeclaration

I am established as a light in my generation.My children are plantings of the Lord whose paths are directed by the Holy Spiri #mydeclaration

I declare that my cell is multiplying with supernatural speed, financial increase to sponsor the gospel to every nation. #Mydeclaration

I work the works of Him that sent me while it is day for I am soul winner for life & I turn many to righteousness. #mydeclaration

I declare at the very thought or sight of me people give glory to God for making me part of their lives,family&ministry.#mydeclaration

The lines they continually and under all circumstances fall for me in pleasant places, my portion is the best in life..#mydeclerations

#mydeclaration I got supernatural abilities. I'm irresistible. Favored. Glorified. Authorized divinely. Glorrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy

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