Ngozi Eribo: Happy birthday granddad we love on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday granddad we love you,Zara and Chloe Eribo.

Happy birthday granddad we love

#IPPC DAY 1 l am focused and diligent ,Knowledge ,Skills and right Attitude towards my calling is my everyday Life Fullfilling the calling

happy birtgday to my first blw pastor and Dad,I love you so much.


Few hours now...Celebrating Wisdom, Boldness & Love personified. We love you Ma #POse1115

Happy Merry birthday to a Pastor with a difference. #PSO


Celebrating Love, grace and excellence. Happy flourishing birthday Pastor Sir. #pai2017 #ewcavz4 #Phronesis

Happy birthday dearest Pst Sheks. . I celebrate your exceptionalism Yov"ve been exalted. I love you dearly ma.

IPPC Day1,Kingdom conciousness of a Pastor.Diligent.

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