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Happy birthday highly esteemed pastor sir, thank you sir for your love and your engagement, we love you #EXCELLENTPNO #PNOJ5 #PNIYI0501 #EWCAZ2

Happy birthday highly esteemed pastor Happy birthday highly esteemed pastor Happy birthday highly esteemed pastor

I explain hard/complex sentences. My mind is sharp! I deal wisely in all my affairs.

Your salvation covers/covered it all, don't focus on the circumstance, just know your God! Know your God and you will do exploits. Glory to God!

On his death bed the father of germ theory Louis Paster said “I was wrong. The germ is nothing. The Terrain is everything.” #GermTheoryVsTerrainTheory

🔴THE WORD IN YOU Today's Rhapsody Of Realities ~ Jan 5th Your reaction to challenges and adversities of life will be to the extent of how much of the Word is richly deposited in your spirit. In the day of crisis, you can only pull from the reservoir of the Word in you. If the Word isn’t dwelling in you richly, your response would be from your head, and out of fear; and that wouldn’t work. - Pastor Chris. 📍Read more #rhapsody #CELZ4

Happy birthday pastor niyi sir, thank you sir, for teaching me God's word in lome 2014 to 2016 is very remarkable, thank you sir for the great work you are doing in EWCA ZONE2, thank you for great impact in ministry, God bless you sir! #EXCELLENTPNO #EWCAZONE2 #PNOJ5 #PNIYI0501

The power of oneness. Theres power in unity and The Church of Jesus Christ has united more than ever before, theres no telling how much the church is gonna do this year. #ChristConsciousMovement #iAmRaptureReady

Happy birthday dear Pastor ma, You are a perfect example of a Christian, filled with the the Holyghost and full of love. Always inspiring us to greater works Thank you ma for being so loving, caring encouraging and inspiring. I love you particularly ma

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EXTRACTS FROM TODAY'S ROR With the Word richly in you, if you ever notice any anomaly in any part of your body, instead of reacting in fear, you’d affirm the Word because you have a different, solid, valid and divine information in your spirit through the Word, keeping you victorious in all circumstances. Hallelujah! #MyYearOfPreparation #MyMonthOfCelebration #2021WhatAGloriousYear #FatherAmForEverGrateful

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