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2020 My year of PERFECTION! All I set out to do is perfected, precise and successful

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Welcome to 2020 the year of Perfection!! Perfection is possible,not only possible it is demanded


Christ Embassy Yikene Our Year of Perfection


2020 is our Year Of Perfection. We are walking, talking, glowing and flourishing to the GLORY OF GOD in Perfection. We are PERFECT #HAPPENINGNOW #CESYDNEY #CEAUSTRALIAREGION

Welcome to 2020 the year of perfection#ce total church#ce warri ministry centre

Listen to the December 31st New Year Eve Service with Pastor Chris Live on Cetunes 👉👉https://cetunes.org/station?id=31decservice Download The CeTunes App from Play Store via http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.lw.cetunes Ref Code 👉645973 #Dec31stserviceonRadio

....and we step into 2020, the year of PERFECTION. Glorrrrryyyyy!!!!! #newyeareveservicewiithpastorchris #CELZ1Rocks


New Year's Eve Service with Pastor Chris Welcome to the Year of perfection Genesis 6:9 Noah was flawless, he was complete in his generations. He walked with God. Genesis 17:1 God commanded Abram to walk before Him and be perfect. God decides who is perfect. Until you believe in perfection you will not live in it. Job 1:1 Unless you understand God's word, you can't walk in it. #ceabakaliki #dec31stglobalservice #dec31st #christembassy #pastorchrislive

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