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I dominate my environment and I reign as a king. I reign over sickness and disease, over demons of darkness, over death!#mydeclaration

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I walk in light, and so I have the light of life #my declaration.

I see positive changes in all sectors and governance in our nation accordingly to our declarations in the last 21 days.

All my brethren will fulfill their divine destiny! No castaway among them! They are a people of the word! #mydeclaration

I and my family dwell in Supernatural wealth. We are supernaturally blessed. The Lines are falling unto us in pleasant places #mydeclaration

I declare that my lines are fallen in to pleasant places and I have a goodly Heritage

I declare that my and family and I are established in the house of God forever # my declaration

I function in Supernatural speed, health, and ability to win souls and draw men to the kingdom of God #mydeclaration

I am SUPERNATURAL! Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE to me! I live in Victory and Prosperity Every Day of My Life. Glory!!! #mydeclaration #Nigeria

I declared my husband live in divine health, and full of d spirit all d time and supernatural wisdom, and walk in Grace. #myfaithdeclaration

#mydeclaration Am a Prince of power with God. Nothing is impossible to me because God is with me

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