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Don't be satisfied with the results of the past. #IPPC2016

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Challenge Yourself. Be a prompt to do it Giver!-Pastor Biodun Lawal #HowToEnjoyFinancialRelevanceandProsperity #IPPC2016

Happy Birthday to my ALWAYS INSPIRING PASTOR... Pastor Emeka Nnabuko. We Salute Your Spiritual Swagger Sir! #SEVZ1 #CE NNEWI #CE URUAGU.

Be Consistent; Learn to start early-Pastor Biodun Lawal #HowToEnjoyFinancialRelevanceandProsperity

Am so happy my zone came first in top 10 partnering zonal church.... It so amazing👍Zone five 💯💯💯💯glory be to God.. Amen

Sow into the Anointing-Pastor Biodun Lawal #HowToEnjoyFinancialRelevanceandProsperity

Set higher goals & go for them. #MovingForward #IPPC2016

U gave to me grt victories,anointed me with unfailing love; ur help oh God have made me grt!! 4this I praise ur name 4all that U have done .

Partnership is our vehicle of reaching the ends of the world with our gospel.-Pastor Joy #IPPC2016

God's Dream For You In our study today, we'll examine two vital thoughts, relating to God's dream for you. First is that as a Christian, you must realize that you're vitally the house, the living tabernacle of the almighty God. You're full of God as Jesus was when He walked the earth. God isn't any less in you today than He was in Jesus Christ. This isn't something you'll have to grow into as time goes by, no; it's a reality you have to wake up to. You're the temple of the living God. Study more in today's article. #myrhapsodymyspreading

We should be Happy to give, you'll be self sufficient when you're happy to give.-Pastor Joy #IPPC2016

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