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Faith and faithfulness are not the same!! #pf4wealth #blwzonec #glorycell #blwcyprus

Love Is A Personality!!! #HWA01. #BlwZoneJ.

Prayer is the conditioning of your spirit #pf4wealth #blwzonec #glorycell #blwcyprus

I am recreated in Christ Jesus and have been brought into a newness of life– a life filled with God's glory and beauty #cewarrizone #cewzch3

WEDNESDAY 1 MARCH 2017 FAITH IN ACTION WITH PASTOR RUTH MUSARURWA Psalms 119:1-7 Message Bible 1 You're blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God. 2 You're blessed when you follow his directions, doing your best to find him. 3 That's right - you don't go off on your own; you walk straight along the road he set. 4 You, God, prescribed the right way to live; now you expect us to live it. 5 Oh, that my steps might be steady, keeping to the course you set; 6Then I'd never have any regrets in comparing my life with your counsel. 7 I thank you for speaking straight from your heart; I learn the pattern of your righteous ways. Is there something God has told you to do, or something in your heart you want to achieve? You must make a move! There are things God has declared concerning you; prophecies that have gone forth about your life, but they will not be fulfilled while you're sitting down with folded arms. Decide today to do something about the dreams and visions that God has given you. As you pray in the Spirit, listen for guidance of the Holy Ghost within you. As the Spirit ministers back to your spirit, you will be instructed on the particular step to take. When you receive that, you must act! Hallelujah! #cesazone5 #prophecy #flourishing

Don't be a professional preacher. Just know Him more and more for yourself. That He will work in you and through you. #ewcavz4 #swan

Souls -souls -souls-souls. God has decided to overthrow all limits in his pursuit of Souls!

Souls -souls -souls-souls. God has decided to overthrow all limits in his pursuit of Souls!

Don't be a man of the flesh but of the spirit #pf4wealth #blwzonec #glorycell #blwcyprus

My life is one of glory and excellence, because I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus! I walk in the glory and light of God, having been born into a newness of life. I live in the immeasurable and unlimited grace and mercies of God. Hallelujah! #LMAMINT #LMAMUK #LMAMEU #LMAMUS #RoR #MyYearOfFlourishing

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