Glory Abusomwan: This is it! #youthconferencebenin #ycbeninishere on KingsChat Web

This is it! #youthconferencebenin #ycbeninishere #youthconferencebenininthehood #hotstoryonthego

Whatever I do or say here on earth is backed up by heaven. Hallelujah! #CRVZ #TeamCalabarRocks #GFMC2018

I function in the Name and in the place of Jesus here on earth. #CRVZ #TeamCalabarRocks #GFMC2018

It's 11 Days to the CELL MINISTRY DAY on March 11th? Are U Ready? Have U Registered? #CELLMINISTRYDAY #CEHOUSTON1

All authority in heaven and on earth, and even beneath the earth has been given unto me.. #CRVZ #TeamCalabarRocks #GFMC2018

Count up to Night of Bliss Enugu. A night of agreement, a time of worship, prophecies and miracles. Expect the unimaginable. #nobenugu #ceenugu1 #sevz2

Even as I speak now, angels are dispatch on my behalf, for my favour. Glory to God. #CRVZ #TeamCalabarRocks #GFMC2018

Praise God

I thank you for your love and your grace, and for the gift of righteousness, which gives me boldness and right standing in your presence.

Counting Up To The Global Service Simulcast With Pastor Chris Expectations From Around The World "Glorious things are spoken of us. What an awesome time it will be, lives will be transformed and no one will remain the same. I see increase in God's Kingdom. I am ready for the Global Service Simulcast for the Month of March". Dani - Zimbabwe Download the CE Tunes App if you are yet to do so #LTMNetworks #LWRNetworks

I now stand justified in God's presence, holy, acceptable, and beyond reproach, because Jesus paid the full penalty for my sins. #GFMC2018

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