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Power through the holy spirit what an awesome word for today let it flow through your thoughts and action

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I cannot not thank you enough my saviour ,my Lord. I am truly grateful, you love me so much. I have not experienced it all yet. I'm blessed Tony is saved & of course I'm fully equipped with my tools - ROR, NTYABA, Church flyer & my phone to get his #. #vision400onmymind

From deep within me I am saying thank you for the glorious life you have given me. Thank you for this new season it's a beautiful life I ave

God's word is able to build, and to give an inheritance among all which are sanctified. #CECZ #CECZICLC2017 #TeamCalabarRocks

....Tony says he's a Christian. I don't stop at that. Are you born again? I ask. He says "to be honest, No". Voila I lead Tony to Christ....

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Vision 400 a reality

You’ve Got To Learn How To Fight In Prayer – Pastor Chris “You’ve got to learn how to fight in prayer. This is war. Go wild in the things of God by speaking in tongues. One day, you’ll need it. You’ll need to shut your door and go wild in the Holy Ghost. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God. We retreat too easily. You that’s a prince, feeling sorry for yourself? I left that class a long time ago… greater is He that’s in me…  Jesus is seated now. All things are now ready. Why are you still crying? The lines are fallen unto you in pleasant places… Healing is the children’s bread, why do you need healing? Why are you eating the children’s bread? That’s the way it is in the spiritual realms… it’s time to say 'devil in the name of Jesus, take your hands off my body…' #cephzone1 @ippc2016

Happy Birthday Dear Justin. You are a bright and intelligent kid. Your future is great. Keep flourishing

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