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I am a well watered garden. Good money meet good money in my account. I don't lack for anything good glory to God....

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The bound will be delivered. #unforgettablenight #cemidwestzone

I decree that my two elder brothers are piling up gold and silver as dust. The SUPERNATURAL is working in their behalf. #mydeclaration

I declare that the word of God prevailed mightily in my life, in my family. My businesses, job.

#mydeclaration I declare God has perfected all that concerns me. I experience divine intervention s and connections on a daily basis.

The Word of increase and prevail in every field of my life. I increase in the knowledge of the Word everyday #mydeclaration

The Word of God will meet everyone at the point of their needs. #unforgettablenight #cemidwestzone

My lines are fallen in pleasant places, I have a goodly heritage. Door of heaven are open for me. #Blessed #Supernatural

The Lord is my shepherd I shall want,.the lines are falling to me in pleasant places coz I have goodly heritage. #mydeclaration


Happy birthday ma. We love you dearly #MagnificentPCF #CeAccraGhanaZone #CeLAA #SisKoshieRocks

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