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Am ready for the global day of prayer. #globaldayofprayer

Am ready for the global

Pastor, thank you so much for your teaching on "Seven Things The Word Has Done For You". It was most enlightening #midweekservicewithpastortonyaduroja #ukzone2 #lwcentralchurch

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Glorious evening!

I am ready to cause a global change!!

#7thingsthewordofGodhasdoneforme. #UKZN2 #wednesdayservice

Awesome Wednesday church service online at #dspukzone3 Do cats fly? How do you put on the whole armour? With words! #lwwednesdaychurchservice #dspukzone3onlineservice #dspukzone3churchservice #churchunstoppable

Live Participation from Kronum viewing center #liveonlinemidweekservicewithZDPBL #cekumasi2 #ceaccraghanazone

#PhotoSpeaks: Participating groups from CE Bolgatanga in the ongoing Online Mid Week Service with the Esteemed Zonal Director. #CeAccraGhanaZone #Perfection

I m Sr Pinkie from South Africa, I m ready and expectant for Friday's global day of prayer with the man of God pastor Chris and Benny Hinn.

Wonderful service with our Zonal Pastor. 7 Things the word does for me. 1. The word is my life 2. It builds me delivers to me my inheritance 4. It cleanses me 5. It's food for my spirit 6. It gives me light and direction 7. It prolongs my day I will always go for the word.

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