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Happy birthday Pastor Sir! Thank you for saying Yes to God. Thank you for investing so much in our lives. Thank you for teaching us the Word that works. I am indeed a product of the Word that works. You are our inspiration, father, teacher and mentor. Pastor I love you specially!

Happy birthday Pastor Sir! Thank

Happy birthday Pastor Sir !!! #PAOSage #celebratingpastoraloy

Prophet of our time I Salute you Sir #Lifecoach #LivingLegend #offer7 #Dec7

#carriersoflight #offer7 The winning team

Less than an hour to go💃 This is that part where you support your favorite team by posting, sharing, and re-sharing their hashtags #ChampionsofLights #GuardiansofLights #ProtectorsofLights or #CarriersofLights 11:30pm (GMT+1) Live on CeFlix

Celebrating my dearest Pastors who have raised me with so much love. A union that has given many lives like mine a meaning. A union that has blessed nations with the gospel and much more. There is so much rejoicing in heaven .Congratulations Esteem Pastor Sir and Ma, love youu 💕

I'm grateful to the Lord for the gift and tremendous blessing that you are. Thank you for the direction you brought me through God's word all through this year of lights. #monthofblessingsinthanksgiving #countingmyblessings #givingthankstotheLord #dec7

Prophet of our time I Salute you Sir #Lifecoach #LivingLegend #offer7 #Dec7

#offer7 #cesenegal Happy Birthday Dad thank you for changing my life. I love you

Happy Birthday my MOG and Dad Heaven is celebrating you and the earth is responding with glory to God I love you Sir

Happy Birthday pastor sir thank you so much for rhapsody of realities it has changed my life for good our messenger angel I love you so much sir

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