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Flourishing Glorious Women. A cell with a difference. #UKZone2lalaszone

Flourishing Glorious Women. A cell

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Glory #vision400. Br Andre born again and filled with the Holy Spirit


MOTHER RELEASED FROM KIDNAPPERS!!! Glory be to God, Hallelujah. It all happened over the weekend. I went home to Port-Harcourt, Rivers State to receive our Grandmother's corpse that was flown from the USA where she died. After depositing the body at the Mortuary on Friday, I decided to stay back until Sunday due to the stress involved in the activity. I rested on Saturday but because I didn't want to miss the Communion service on Sunday, I headed back to Abuja that Sunday. At exactly 11:30pm Monday night, kidnappers came to my house and took my Mother away in a commando style. By Tuesday morning I was informed of the incidence by my younger ones. It was a shock to me but one thing was clear to my spirit, the Message our Esteemed Pastor, Rev Tom, gave at the communion service on Sunday quicken my Spirit. He said that, "There will be no Evil Report." The word strengthened me. When I got to the office that morning I locked myself in my office and held a one hour prayer session, praying in tongues and interceeding for her, using quotes from Pastor and Isaiah 54:4. I tuned up my mind to that word "Fear not, I will never put you to shame" and then made up my mind not to negotiate or accept to settle for money. I planned my strategy base on God's divine wisdom, that if the kidnappers called me, I was going to harass them. My strategy was to be in continuous prayer and meditation. Eventually they called on Tuesday evening when I was still in the office asking for 15 Million Naira ransom. I told them off and even warned them never to call my number again. I told them I am giving them until Sunday to return my mother or I will now go after them with my strategy and the resulting consequences would be too grave. I switched off my phone. There after they started calling and threatening my younger ones to tell me to bring the money or they would kill our mother, but I continued in prayers, speaking in tongues. On Wednesday I decided to pick whatever balance I still had of my salary to midweek service. During the service our amiable and esteemed Pastor preached the same message we heard on Sunday and emphasized clearly on how to get positive and not evil report and that, "this week, as you quicken your spirit, a clear and positive report is about to come to you through messages and phone calls." Immediately I claimed it and declared that call to be mine, in respect of my mother's case. I picked an envelope, sowed a seed with the balance of my salary and pronounced words of faith over it. I gave that seed an assignment asking it to go and cause confusion in the kidnappers camp, and wherever they kept my mother. I asked my seed to throw them in utter disarray. After the service, I was relieved in my spirit. Hallelujah, Glory to God. At about 2:00am on Thursday, my phone started ringing. My wife heard it but did not wake me up. In the morning, I picked my phone to scroll through the missed calls as they were much. I also went to the message box and got the message that my Mother was released that midnight and dropped in front of my house by a bike. Hallelujah!! Glory be to God who has been my strategy and has glorified His name with His good works. Hallelujah!!! Bro. Godwin Kagior #cedurumi #ABUJAICLC2017 #RevTominAbuja

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Thank you Reverend sir.Vision 400 is a reality. #CECANADA #CEVAUGHAN

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