glorious bouqui: Am glad I get to on KingsChat Web

Am glad I get to exist the same time as you sir. Happy birthday dad #myMentor #myLifecoach #myTeacher #offer7 #CELZ3

Am glad I get to Am glad I get to

Thank you for bringing me into deep fellowship with God which was my greatest desire, I did not know how to go about it, but u taught me how. Now I have true satisfaction being in deep fellowship with God. Happy birthday sir. I love you.


Happy Birthday Dear Dad. You are my Hero.

Happy birthday Man of God,Thank you for your selfless love,teachings,guidence and prayers, for being the vessel of Honour and a Fountain in which God produces more streams of living water for all man kind.We celebrate with you today and we love you .

The Revelation got this!!! The revelation is here to win #glow #dec6thmidnightparty #celebrationtime #therevelation

Updated her profile photo

#GuardiansofLights The treasure can only be found by them because they know where they kept it before the foundation of the world #rangersoflight

God gave us the best, when he gave us: you. Thank our dad, for changing our stories. Happy birthday Dad. #Dec7 #EWCAZ5 #cenunguagh

A Happy and glorious Birthday Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome. Such a privilege to celebrate you and with your Sir. So grateful to the Lord for you. Thank you for being such an imeasurable blessing to me and my family. Love you very much Pastor Sir!! #dec7 #cesazone5 #ceborrowdale1

The Game is on๐Ÿ’ช It's time to vote Which team is your favourite? #GuardianofLights #ProtectorsofLights #CarriersofLights #ChampionsofLights This is the moment you've been waiting for? cast your votes now.๐Ÿ˜Š #RangersofLights

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