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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Happy birthday my dearest sister!!! I love you so much and thank you for giving me a platform in ministry. May doors always open for you and may men lead you in the right way. Happy birthday!!! @Benestelle

ROSE OF SHARON OUTREACH FELLOWSHIP invites you to her day of bliss on Satuday 27th April. It's going to be mind blowing

Updated his profile photo

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Day18-30days of talking session 7times daily 6th I affirm that I will never walk in darkness, confusion or uncertainty because I am in fellowship with the Holy Spirit; He is my light and the One who teaches and guides me in the way that I should go.#Direction# Lights

Humility is a quality of the recreated human spirit that attracts divine favour and promotion. It’s an inner ability—a vital force—which enables you to respond with absolute submissiveness to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

FOUR (4) DANGEROUS ONLINE SCAMS TO BEWARE OF IN 2019 4. Email Hacking This type of attack is relatively self-explanatory and comprises of an attacker somehow gaining access to your email account. This can be done through malware, viruses, or exploitation of data breaches and bad password security. An email account can be valuable to gain access to a user’s bank account, to verify online banking login attempts, or even to reset the user’s password. If you are targeted by this attack, you may have to do some serious damage control by contacting all email recipients who were spammed by your hacked mailbox and advising them that these communications were not legitimate. Pillay said that you should use different and strong passwords for each account – and each should be at least six characters long and a combination of letters, numbers and capitals/lowercase. “Set up several email addresses. Use your original email address for personal or business communication as you’d normally do and use an alternative email address to communicate with your service provider, since many now ask for a different address for added protection,” Pillay said. “Then, use yet another email address for registering for websites, newsletters, online shopping and other services. In this way, the risk of a possible compromise is spread.” “Never list your main email address publicly anywhere online – in forums, in online advertisements, on blogs, social media or any place where it can be harvested by spammers,” she added. “Use a separate email address for the internet which is not linked to your personal or business email account.” #innovate #inspire #ideate

You can’t be a Christian and support abortion. You can’t be a Christian and support homosexuality. You can’t be a Christian and support sex out of marriage. You can’t be a Christian if you support murder. You can’t be a Christian and not agree with what the Bible says.

Happy birthday dearest Laurel. Kayley and I love you very much. The Lord bless and keep you as you continually grow in grace and wisdom. 😘🍦🎂🍰🍢🍿🍟🍕🍗🍡🍨🍇🥦🥤.Enjoy

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