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A timely visit by the Highly Esteemed Campus Ministry Zonal Secretary of BLW Zone A, Pastor Theophilus Owase to the University of Pretoria in Hatfield was an exhilarating time in God’s mighty presence. Pastor shared that when a person becomes born again the  following three aspects are to be understood, namely: *Life - which speaks of nature *Alive - which referes to a consciousness of the nature. *Living - which refers to animation that comes from the consciousness of nature He further admonished that the word of God shows us our nature so that we can live it. Pastor shared on Isaiah 54:1-5 MSG. He further stated that this scripture is a word of prophecy for the growth that will be seen and encouraged the brethren to think big because person's  thinking prepositions their  attitude and character. As the outburst of joy heightened, The Esteemed Zonal Secretary announced the appointment of the new Group Pastor of BLW SA Zone Group B2 in the person of Sister Nkateko Sombhane, the auditorium was electrified as celebrations broke forth on every side! What a moment! What a time to be alive! #blwsazonea #blwcampusministryrocks

A timely visit by the A timely visit by the A timely visit by the A timely visit by the A timely visit by the


Congratulations to Sister Nkateko Ma on your new position. I love you so much Ma'am.

Pastor Eddie Moyo!



Sis Wealth Kekana


Thank you so much Pastor Theo Sir. And congratulations on our new Group Pastor, Sister Nkateko Ma. I love you so❤️

Pastor Mandla Sithole



Sis Cindy



Bro Happy The Champion🌟


Glory!!!! It is not business as usual



Wow! Glory!!!

Pastor Bonisa


Mighty works shall we do indeed!

Pastor Thabo Pesha


Glory to God!!!!



Hallelujah the happenings of the word of God.

Perfect Trailblazer


Thank you so much Pastor Sir. I am walking in the consciousness of my nature.💃💃💃🐝🐝🐝🙌

Pastor Masana


Glory to God!!!




Bro Tafara


Hallelujah!! We're operating in the new dimension 🙌🏾



Thank you so much Sir 😍🐝✌ Its a new dimension

It was an honor to meet you! Thank you sir, I love you💞

#2daysofglory #PastorChrisInDubai

Wow! What an extraordinary encounter with the man of God! Thank you sir, I love you💓

Updated her profile photo

Lagos Zone 1 Glorious Wednesday Services - It's four Wednesdays of glorious fellowship and grace. #LZ1GLORIOUSWEDNESDAYS #LZ1ROCKS

Proverbs 11:30....  “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.” Congratulations Sir for leading the brethren of the South South Zone 2 into a season of soul-winning, we love you Sir!!! #LGNRules #CESOUTHSOUTHZONE2 #MONTHOFSONGS

Happening now Pray-a-thon with pastor Chris

You can’t be TIE’d and remain the same!!! It’s about that time!!!!! #Ablaze4God #TIECON2020 #TIENCONUSA2020

This is another opportunity to show how much you care about the work of our Lord.

PASTOR CHRIS LIVE PRAY-A-THON (FEBRUARY EDITION) We are live as CE Cuvu 2, Fiji Islands leads the ministry in a time of Prayer. #Cesanzp #PCLprayathon #PCLprayathon2020

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