Pastor Grace CE Miami : Today I celeberate my Pastor on KingsChat Web

Today I celeberate my Pastor sent by God whose name is Rev taught me the Word of God. #yearofflourshing #revray #0123

Today I celeberate my Pastor Today I celeberate my Pastor Today I celeberate my Pastor

Happy Birthday Sir. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me sir. I love you so much.

Happy Birthday to our Esteemed Reverend Ray. An awesome yr of flourishing is yours as ur seeds & fruits spread abroad. Appreciate & Love you

A Very Delightful HBD to My Dearest Dad, Reverend Ray Okocha! I Love U, Sir! Enjoy Ur Day, Sir!👑🌎🙌😃😍#ceukvzone4 #iflourish #RevRay0123

Happy birthday Evang Kathy. Thank you for your impact in the life's of many in the ministry and beyond. We love you.

Today I celeberate Rev Ray Sir..... who taught me the Word of God,that has made my life so beautiful. I love you Sir.

HBD Successful Fly.... You are so real. Thanks for being the BEST. I love you forever. #CEPHZONE2

Happy Bday to a special&Unique music minister with a beautiful spirit! Increased grace,wisdom& favour as u flourish on every side.I love u

Grace so evident, smile so infectious, love so pure,word so tangible,work so inspirational.HBD to my father with a heart of gold #RevRay0123

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Happy birthday sir. We love you dearly.

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