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SA Zone 1 teens ministry reached out to 4 schools establishing 4 Teevo Clubs, at Jiyana Secondary School(Midrand), Moses Kotane(Rooderpoort), Julius Silobai(Rooderpoort) and Meadowlands School(Soweto) Reaching out to a total of 5187 Students. 1834 souls were won and some of them were given free copies of the teevo. Glory to God!

SA Zone 1 teens ministry SA Zone 1 teens ministry SA Zone 1 teens ministry


Oh Glory to God 🙌💝

Marvel Mthembu


Glory to God. An avalanche of Grace. #SAZone1TeensMinistry

God's amazing plan for you. Don't miss it! Registration link below #ariseshineukvz4

#GOECAN #CANADA🇨🇦 #CEOTTAWA Pareil à l’aigle qui éveille sa couvée, Voltige sur ses petits, Déploie ses ailes, les prend, Les porte sur ses plumes. Deutéronome 32:11 LSG GLOIRE au Seigneur, Il nous porte sur ses ailes à tout temps!

SA Zone 1 Teens Ministry Pioneers 3 new Teevo clubs At Amazing Grace School(Randburg), Eagles Christian School(Randburg) and Phoenix College(Joburg) Reaching out to 425 Students and Distributing 200 copies of Teevo #Lights all there way


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Loveworld Teens Ministry SA Zone1: Penetrate 5000 Campaign report: SA Zone 1 teens church in response to the commission of penetrating 5000 Schools, has established 3 Teevo Clubs, in three new schools Tsietsi Mashinini School(Soweto), Laerskool Horison(Rooderpoorte) and Horizon School(Rooderpoort) Reaching out over 2962 learners With a total number of 2954 souls won to Christ. #Lights #Signs and Seasons

#GOECAN #CANADA🇨🇦 #CEOTTAWA As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings: Deuteronomy 32:11 KJV GLORY! The Lord always carries us on his wings!

Happy birthday to a beautiful, loving, passionate and ardent follower of our Man of God. Thank you for all you do for the ministry and for being ever inspiring. Thank you also for loving me the way you do. 😍🥰💋. I love you Dorxie Diamonds! You awesomely rock!!!

Celebrating light.

Happy birthday Pastor! Thanks for changing lives sir! #pastortayo2019

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