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It's Today... If you live in Abuja, Dont miss this program at the Velodrome, National Stadium Complex Abuja, from 3:00pm today 'Good Friday Miracle Service'. The Lord is with us and great miracles, victories and testimonies will abound. Make plans today to be there. We have free bus transportation to take you to and fro the venue. Please 📞 09080132436 for free seat reservation and bus transportation information. God bless you.

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🔷Pioneering Bible Study Classes 🔷Being Filled with the Spirit 🔷Ministerial Ethics ...all at the ongoing CSC, a special Discipleship Training Program (DTP) #celagoszone2 #csc #dtp

Thanks be to God almighty. He lives for ever

We are being loaded!!! The results that will follow.... aya!!! 💃💃💃 #celagoszone2 #csc

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*THE MEANING OF EASTER - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome* _John 19:34, But one of the soldiers, at this point, this was when Jesus, was on the cross been crucified, he was not the first person to be crucified in those days, but something happens here that is significant, and you going to take notice of it, John 19:34, Jesus was already dead on the cross and just to find out whether or not he was dead, the soldier comes with a spear, and pierces him, through his side and the Bible says forthwith came there out blood and water._ _John 19:35, means there is something about this water and blood that came out of Jesus that was so important to the writer that made him say it was a sign. And on this occasion, he lets us know a sign has just taken place, blood and water just came out of the body of Jesus and he says the one who saw it bore record._ *We know that his record is true and he has written it that you meant to believe, what does he want you to believe, turn to John 2:19-21, John said Jesus was talking about the temple of his body, John understood he was talking about his body. Jesus Christ was the Passover lamb, on that great day. That night, that lamb was killed, and John already alluded to that, he already said it.* _Jesus was our Passover lamb. When Jesus died, he died when that Passover lamb was supposed to be slathered. And now John is standing and he remembers going to the temple seeing blood flowing asks and he was told a soldier pierced the side of the mater and blood and water poured out, but the man is already dead, he says forthwith came out, that means immediately, as though there were still pressure, ordinarily it shouldn’t come out like that; he bore witness, he said that’s blood and water coming out John 2:19-21, he was talking about the temple of his body, Halleluiah!!_ *So who is Jesus? He is our lamb sacrificed, the new temple, the new and living way when he died, he tore the old temple in two opening and the new and living way, that old temple is gone, the new and living temple is here. Jesus Christ is our temple. The lamb was slain once, you never have to come to the temple again and see the blood, and he was slain once and for all. Glory to God.*

Day of bliss, Day of splendor, Day of blessings , Day of glory is here #CESAZone1

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