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Currently at end of month NOB. Making power available. #PastorChrisinGhana.

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No other name, but the name of Jesus. Worthy of glory, honour and praise. #NOBSA2016

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No foreign God but you I'll serve, all of my praises you deserve #NOBSA2016 #22JAN16 #www.nightofblisssouthafrica.co.za

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I lift my hands in worship as I bless your Holy Name #nightofblisssouthafrica #NOBSA2016 #22JAN16 #www.nightofblisssouthafrica.co.za

Discouragement files were long deleted in me!! I cannot be discouraged!!! I'm very strong and courageous!!! I HAVE OVERCOME THIS WORLD

I’ve been fashioned for glory, beauty and excellence; I bring forth good things today, and always #keep saying it #nobsa2016

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