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I have been catapulted to greater levels of great victories in the ministry. Vision 400 is a reality #cekenyazone

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#PhotoSpeaks DAY 3 ; #VISION400 ATTAINMENT TRAINING FOR CELL LEADERS #FollowPastorChris #CeKenyaZone


My abilities have multiplied , Grace for great things and the speed of the Holy Spirit for the accomplishing the work of God #Cekenyazone

Birthday loading 6th is the day I give God the glory #midwestzone #E067


Precious Words from Faith Convention Day 2 Faith comes with salvation... Faith is increased by listening to the Word of God You must be a consumer of the Word Faith is banked in the Spirit... Spend Faith through works... Pastor Moses #CeBeninZone1 #bz1FaithConvention

Happy Birthday Dear Pst Itee! Its such a joy to celebrate U! Ever joyful, full of love, giving, caring & sold out to the Vision!Enjoy! I 💟U

What is the difference between a Psalmist and a worship leader?

The Church is marching on...

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