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ROR"When you get your emotions involved in prayer, your spirit is conditioned in a way that's receptive to the Holy Spirit. At that moment, your mind is channelled to your purpose of prayer and attentive...Learn to stay your mind and emotions on the Lord in prayer! #LiftChallenge

I refuse to allow any weight or sin cling its self on me ,so I choose to make faster progress in my life for Romans 6:14 says sin shall not have dominion over me ,hallelujah

Loving the #LIFTCHALLENGE #MONTHOFUPLIFTING Kingschat is back!!!!! Gloryyyy

ROR 5 Sept When you come to the full knowledge of the length, breadth, depth and height of the Love of Christ, your eyes are full of love to see man with the eyes of God in your oneness. You extend and express his nature of Righteousness with Love #liftchallenge #monthofuplifting

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We most have the supernatural otherwise Christianity is a dead religion but thank God we have it.Rev Chris. #Lifting# #monthoflightchallenge#

What’s that weight that’s not letting you run as effectively as you should in fulfilling God’s plan for your life? Get rid of it. #liftchallenge #monthofuplifting

What's around the next corner on your journey in life? Walk in the light of God.

Don't be left behind and be a yesterday man, be wise and join this chariot #AttendyourCellmeetings

With our bags the difference is clear as in this picture. #AffordableBuyAbuja #School #Kiddies #Adult #backtoschool #schoolyear #saynotoxenophobia #UPLIFTMENT #liftchallenge #monthofupliftment #africaunite 08036645612

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