Clifford Blasu: #mydeclaration.i experience angelic activities in on KingsChat Web

#mydeclaration.i experience angelic activities in my home , ministry, job and my business. My life is supernatural .i live n not die.

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I declare that I function in the grace, success, dominion and prosperity.I lay up gold as dust and money is a slave to me#mydeclaration

Glorry!! I have the DNA of a winner I am wearing the crown of favour Royal blood flows through my viens.

#Mydeclaration I declare unprecedented growth in CE Forest Hill UKVZ1, we are fruitful and multiplying greatly... the Word of God prevails

I declare that all things are shifting in my direction and it's moving so good and so fast! Hosts of heaven are working for me.#declaration

I've speed & increased wisdom in Christ. My fruits of righteousness are ever increasing &evident to all. I'll surprise many. #mydeclaration

I live above pain and poverty in Jesus name. The world belongs to me. Only good things & good people come 2 me in Jesus name. #mydeclaration

#my declaration The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad. The Lord hath brought supernatural changes to me

I and my family a massive soul winners for Christ. I decree that we re sufficient of the lord #mydeclaration #prayingnow #Country

I declare that the Lord is the strength of my life, my life is the story of God's amazing grace. I'm God's battle axe and weapon of war.

My success in life is guaranteed and unstoppable because I have made the Word of God my contemplation and meditation. #mydeclaration

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