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#mydeclaration. Christ has made unto me wisdom , I’m innovative, I’m changing the world by the spirit. Im a success. I change people .

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I dispense grace, blessings & love to my world. I am a vessel unto honor fashioned for the master's use. I bring many 2 God #mydeclaration

My entire family walks in abundance, we have all that we require to live the good life! Our lives are preserved! #mydeclaration

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The Lord is my refuge and strength, my exalter, the lifter up of my head,my glory,my portion in the land of dliving#my declaration

I declare that no word from God concerning me falls to the ground, they are all fulfilled...I am a living testimony!! #Mydeclaration

Lines are continually falling unto me in pleasant places. Everything that concerns me work with a supernatural speed. #mydeclaration

The Lord is the strength of my life. I'm not afraid of anything in life because God's word is working in me and my family #mydeclaration

I am the glory of God, therefore everywhere I go, and in all that I do, I exude greatness, my best years are ahead of me! #mydeclaration

Every evil men, women, children, organisations and objective are removed permanently from our parts. #mydeclaration

There is a supernatural Swift shift in my favour, in my direction. 100 fold restoration of everything lost or denied now.#mydeclaration

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