Busola Tamunoene(CEAmadikalagbor): #mydeclaration New things are happening on KingsChat Web

#mydeclaration New things are happening in my family. My siblings and my hussy's has taken a new turn yo serve God with their. Everything great things is happening in their lives, job, bodies, finances and homes. Gloryyyy!

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No death,disease & infirmity among us in Jesus Name!Daily we are delivered from evil & testimonies abound always in our lives.We are unmoveable,unshakeable&untouchable.The Word of God takes preeminence in &around us.We stay connected to God's Spirit,no distractions!#MyDeclaration

#prayerweek #uganda #mydeclaration I am a full time money dispenser. Money and I have a great relationship. I am a conduit of money.

#mydeclaration the Lord has given me great victory. I've got the life of God in me. I'm perfectly normal!

#I declare that there is peace and prosperity in Cameroon.

#prayerweek #prayingnow #cerennes #cefrance #mytestimony. Glory to God we have devine favour in our Church, all our financial challenges are completely resolved,we have more than enough to fix all our financial obligations. Glory to God. We begin to walk in Super abundance.

He has crowned me with grace, He has welled up in me a fountain of joy, my cup runs over. Springs of living water from the sanctuary of the most high. My hands are forever green. #mydeclarations

I declare that my cell is expanding with men and women pouring in. There's a hunger for the Lord and as they come for our meetings they remain. I declare that we will begin to have space challenge because there is a numeric and financial expansion in my cell. #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration all I need for Life and Godliness I have.. wealth in Warri's family tree.. My brothers and sisters and I myself are getting married.. I declare marriages.. I have my Toyota Corolla Car Now.. I declare testimonies.. halleluiah!!!!!

#Prayingnow #SouthAfrica

#mydeclaration: the call I have been waiting for to expand my business has landed. I am making giant strides because He is the agis that hears and answers prayers

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