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Updated his profile photo


Sunday 2-4-2018-service at ce village.#ewcavz4.#cevillage.


GFMC was a grand success, and we returned to give God Thanks as "Testimony" took the ground in the fullness of the spirit. #GFMC2018 #CRVZ

It was huge success #GFMC2018

Happening Now: Global Service with Pastor Chris. Watch the Live Broadcast on LoveWorldSAT, And Enjoy The Testimony of God's Word Manifest In Your Live, Producing Glorious Supernatural Virtues In This Year Of The Supernatural. Watch LoveWorldSAT on: www.loveworldsat.org/watchlisten/live-tv Or on the LoveWorldSAT New Mobile App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.loveworldsat.app


Good Friday Service #FashionEaster #USAVZ1

HBD beautiful PDabs! U epitomize d grace&beauty of Christ.I celebrate ur inspiring life of faith,love,service, commitment,exceptionalism💖💖

Live at #GFMN Trade fair complex Ojo. It was awesome #ceLagzone2

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