Frank ogiemwonyi: Updated his profile photo on KingsChat Web

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Mouth full of laughter when u have some body praying & teaching u how to pray

Happy birthday my sis.This is your season of exaltation. Thanks for all you do for the gospel sake.God is your reward.Enjoy your new age

Ah 2017 was Perfect I tell You! Without spot & wrinkles! Everything was just margarine🤗 #NoViscosity & keeps on getting better

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA! I love you deeply ma

Updated his profile photo

I function in the blessings of Increase, Bursting forth, Speed & Accuracy, Fruitfulness! #Cephzone2 #WednesdayspecialwithRevRayOkocha

Celebrating Esteemed Pastor Tayo. HBD Ma!! Thank you for nurturing young champions all around Africa. We love you ma. #PSTAYO1108 #FALF

Celebrating our beloved Brother Ngoni Chaitwa. HBD! You are an excellent cell leader & a great blessing to us. We love you dearly.

#BLW CELEBRATE 30years #2007

Updated his profile photo

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