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Updated her profile photo

#prayingnow#canada#bramptonwest#mydeclaration.The Grace of God has brought salvation to all around me.


#prayingnow #canada #mydeclaration I testify....every one in my family and in our church are all saved and filled with the HolyGhost,they are all making spiritual advancement everyday.

#mydeclarations No one in my family or sphere of contact is going to hell because of me. Salvation has come to each of them who need it because of my prayer. The eyes of their understanding are enlightened as they grow in the knowledge of God in the name of Jesus!

I declare that our families are blessed of God and empowered by the Spirit for His glory. We are the first and the best. We are the epitome of His beauty and excellence. We are the manifestation of His grace and glory. Hallelujah. #Mydeclaration.

#mydeclaration ... I and the members of my family are save, satan has no claims over them and the light of God’s word shine in their hearts

#Mydeclaration I decree and declare that the Word of God prevails in the US and that every youths and teenagers will receive the Word in that spirit and run with the vision of this great Nation and Ministry, We are Triumphant always...GLORAAAYYYYY!!!!

#cebramptonwest #teensministry #prayingnow, we are winning souls for the Kingdom, those around us will gravitate towards our churches and our message this year #mydeclaration

I declare that the Word is working mightily in every member of our BLW nation. This second half of the year will be far greater than the first half, with unending testimonies of salvation, healing and financial miracles! #MyDeclaration

#prayingnow #USA #mydeclaration My entire family is giving their life to Christ and growing in the knowledge of Christ.

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