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#THANKSGIVING SERVICE #BLW ZONE 2 #CENTRAL CHURCH A special thank you to our Zonal pastor Pastor Tony Aduroja and all the pastors, deacons and all members for the support of our 38 Wedding Anniversary.

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هاه وقت الشاي او لا

#prayingnow #Australia #declaration We go forth serving with JOY and PEACE... ALL our brethren are celebrated in Australia and beyond...


Today is Our 38 Years Together In Marriage.An Anniversary Blessed And Lead By Our Creator The Lord God Almighty. All we can Say is THANK YOU LORD FOR EVERYTHING. WE LOVE YOU LORD.

ادخلوا هاشتاق البيبي ام بالتويتر،الناس توزع حساباتها هناك،ايش فيه🙂🙂؟؟

Thanksgiving is my elevator. It takes me to my destination. #cecanada;#cebramptonwest

والله عيوني ما تنفعك وقتها

‏بكل الدعٌاوي السّماويه يالله ابعد الانكسار عن كيّان الهلال دائما💙💙

It's going to be a Super-Special Christmas for Children in Hospitals, Orphanages, Slums etc because you CARE. #SendPortions@Xmas #EveryChildIsYourChild

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