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Submit To His Will If you ever find yourself at the crossroads of life, choose the Father's will. You might ask, “What if I don't know His will concerning the issue?” That's one of the reasons you have the Holy Spirit; ask Him, and He'll reveal it to your spirit. In addition, as you study the Word and meditate, the will of God is unveiled to your spirit. God's Word is His will expressed; His wisdom is in His Word. Therefore, when you act on the Word, you're living out the will of God. Study more in today's article.

Submit To His Will If

I am the salt of the earth I know who I am #DTP2017

Eu e os melhores #fala

I am Great I know who I am #DTP2017

Christ in me the hope of Glory.

Do you really know GYLF? If yes guess this then. Brasil again The message got there from Solenea to paraiba #gylf #gylfportuguese

updated her profile photo

IEYC with Pastor Chris I can't wait for this time #gylf #enterthehealingschool

updated her profile photo

Melhores momentos com o Pastor Chris #gylf #IEYC

Bleza #gylf

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