Pastor Niyi: Happy Wedding Anniversary to my on KingsChat Web

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my Dad and Mum. Love you guys so much. Thanks for being a light and a shinning example.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my

Happy Independence day Nigeria


Wow, so mightily grew the Word of God Frankfurt Germany and prevail

Day of Bliss! 09 oct 2016

My wife HBD. I want 2 let the world know I'm grateful 2u4 marrying me u brought order,stability & prosperity 2 my life. U stabled me in God.

DOB!!! 09 Oct 2016#DOBcebristol

At the center of it all, Dance!!! Dance!!! Dance!!! Glorifying His name. #DOBZONE2 #CENTRAL1

updated her profile photo

CE Brighton, we are ready

CE isiokpo; just celebrating with messenger angel

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