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updated their profile photo

updated their profile photo

If you don't do something, nothing will be done.#SEVZ1

Pretty soon we will have to give account of what we did with that the Lord put in our hands #FinanceConvention #iKing

Happy Birthday dearest Amaka! Keep this fire burning as there's absolutely no stopping you. I love you!

Some things happens to Christians, because they don't do what they ought to do.#SEVZ1

no matter what happens, or is going on around me,I am so strengthened with miracle-working ability that I cannot be troubled.#ewcavz4

#cekaduna #NVZ2


In Voicing & Acting your faith, meditation & speaking in tongues produce faith in U, but U have to act by voicing & acting ur faith. #SEVZ1

Happy birthday sir. #Ilovepastorchike

Get Acquainted with the first timers that newly joined church. it was wow #CeKakuriGroup #CeKaduna #NVZ2

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