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Global Dominance and Relevance : CE Zamfara brethren has been greatly impacted and empowered to do great works with the ministry Materials #globaldominanceandrelevance

Global Dominance and Relevance : Global Dominance and Relevance : Global Dominance and Relevance : Global Dominance and Relevance : Global Dominance and Relevance :

#AAGroupMegaNation #celz1rocks

#AAGroupMegaNation #celz1rocks

#AAGroupMegaNation #celz1rocks

#AAGroupMegaNation #celz1rocks

CELEBRATING A RHAPSODY CHAMPION - ESTEEMED BRO. PASCAL IFESINACHI Thank you for your commitment to the Rhapsody One Million Copies Commemorative Edition Project. We celebrate the impact of your partnership. 1 Million Copies, Changing 1 Million Lives...a reality because of YOU! #CEAMC #POSSESSION #THANKYOU

REPROGRAMMING YOUR MIND (4) REJECTION IS A RE-DIRECTION A dear friend of mine shared with me the story of how that when she was younger, and her mother cooked beans for the family; she would wash the beans and throw outside the odd looking ones. However, when the rains came those discarded beans would grow and re-produce so much fruit. Moral of this story- People may reject or discard, despise or even resent you because you don't seem or appear valuable or perhaps you do not fit into their idea and mold of what they want or expect you to be. Instead of seeing the potential of who and what you could become, they mock, criticize and judge the unseen works that God is doing inside you. That's because no one really knows the extent and depth of the impact and influence to your world that God is orchestrating in your Spirit. Because of the confusion in their own hearts at their attempts to second guess, assume and presume, they jump to the wrong conclusions and their best option is to decide that you are no good or perhaps even a threat to their own plans and anticipations that's only beneficial to them and their little group. Perhaps it was in high school you know, the seemingly in-crowd that didn't let you into their group because you just didn't measure up? Or perhaps in College that seemingly popular infamous gang that everyone just wanted to be a part of but they didn't choose you? Perhaps it's even in your family and everyone underestimating the power of God at work in you, gave up on, simply discarded, assumed and concluded you were the black sheep of the family and weren't going to amount to much? Well today I've got great news for you! You are the underdog, the rejected stone that is and will be the head of the corner. Understand that every or any rejection is the reflection of the giver of it. People often reject buying valuable things that are too expensive because they just can't afford it. People rejected our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the living God who was carrying in Him God's eternal plan for mankind. The Scriptures say," Had they known it they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.". But isn't it a great thing that they did not know it? That could have been a setback for God's eternal plan of salvation for you and I; then God would have had to make another alternative plan. Sometimes it is a good thing that people don't know all they think they know about you; so that God can surprise them as He did with David, Joseph, Daniel, Mordecai, Hannah and so many more in our lineage.  So when it appears that you are being despised, demeaned, shamed or rejected, look to the Greater One inside you. Look to His purpose and eternal.plan for you and live it unapologetically. That day is here, now your light and greatness that lies within you shines through and Kings will come to the brightness of your rising because the favour and grace of God is ever in the overflow in and upon your life. Beloved do not despair! Look inwards to Jesus the author and perfecter of your faith. Don't let anyone access to the power to steal your joy, peace of mind, esteem and confidence. You need these to soar and fly higher and higher on the wings of the Spirit above and beyond those who chose to count you out.Trust and have Faith in the abilities and potentials that God has seeded inside you. Work out that eternal plan whether in the valley, deep blue sea or on the mountain tops. That hate and rejection is not the end of your life but the begining. Perhaps it's a marriage proposal, a contract you filed for, a job you applied for, a reach out to someone to be their friend or lend support, a proposed or long-term friendship, relationship or marriage resolution that was despised and rejected? Perhaps a long overdue raise, appointment, promotion and honor that got derailed and denied? Never mind, don't let it become an albatross or cross to bear on your mind and well being. You've got your whole life ahead of you. Cling to the integrity of God's Word with joy and shut out the rest of the world and focus your heart and soul  on the things God told you to do. Very soon you will by God become the rallying and reference point for others to be inspired, illuminated and empowered. Understand that your life isn't yet all that God meant it to be. Don't quit or give up on the things God instructed and said about you in your prayer closet in the night seasons. Start doing them in obscurity, unrecognized, unapplauded, unapproved by men or not. You are approved, accepted, appointed, anointed and the called of God according to His own purpose; fulfill His dreams then watch the world come to you. He said if I be lifted up on high I will draw all men unto me. In his crucifixion, death and burial Jesus knew He would rise again. He knew and trusted that the Father would not leave His soul to rot in hell. He knew on the third day He would rise up in glory and power. Hallelujah! You must trust the Father's master plan! Trust that His judgments will definitely lead you to that glorious future and hope He promised to give you. That rejection is for your honor, promotion and upliftment. It's for the blessing, hope and blessed assurance of others whom the Father will draw to your light. Prepare for your out shining- Arise! Shine! Light of the world - BE! A double afternoon cuppa☕ today for you😁. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice! ✍🙏💃🙌🔥❤ #bookexcerpts #soundmentalhealth #afternoonteawithptad #Jesusislord #thensingsmysoulvol123 #mysoulsaysyesvol1234 #2019yearoflights #walkinginthelight #ptadzworld #ptadandfriendsnetwork

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