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Jesus saved you from sin, and gave you His life, to make it possible for you to become one with the Father; He brought you into fellowship—the fellowship of the God-kind.

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Happy Birthday my Precious son - Pastor Emeka Eze. Through the years, you have proven yourself to be assiduous and highly sagacious. You have diligently followed closely the the word of God from your early days; Today you have become a symbol of loyalty, faithfulness, diligence, success and an icon of our BLW exceptionalism. Your life is a rich epistle with several pages heralding victories, triumphs of your faith and mighty deeds in our BLW Nation. You're calm, humble and peaceful yet bold, courageous and audacious. A serial achiever and winner. Every thought of you brings me joy and a sense of fulfilment. As you mark another year, the grace of the Lord, revelations of Christ have increased in your life; you will yet conquer more lands and territories for our Lord Jesus and bring joy to the heart of our dear father and Man of God Pastor Chris. Ride on son! I love you dearly.

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