Pst Linda O: HBD Pst Sola, an amazing on KingsChat Web

HBD Pst Sola, an amazing achiever u are. Tnx 4 ur intelligent initiatives & drive 2 flood d continents of d world with our messenger angel.

HBD Pst Sola, an amazing

Quotes from the Online Leaders Training Meeting "Commitment enables a leader to make decisions " - Pastor Jude Okogba #oltm #blwukzone

We are live @cewarrizonezmccwithpsd #cewarrizoneteensministry #cewarrizone #zmcc2016

Happy Birthday Dear Pst Sola!Thank you for your passion& commitment to he vision of our Man of God! Have an amazing year as you. I love you

*2 things to Avoid 1.Living a life without God's direction 2.Love of Money #cekano #Nwvz2 #PastorOsagie #TeensChurch #PJ #NextDimension ߘ

L'amour est rêve

Beautiful in and out. I salute you ma.

Wow media connectors conference warri zone having an awesome time with our zonal pastor #cewarrizone #church 8 #teensministry

The Happiest Happy Bday 2u Sir Thank u so much 4 all u do 4 Christ.I'm a product of ur message & I love u so much"Mwah in the Name of Jesus"

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