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Happy birthday dear Pastor Ifeoma. You are ever so warm and accommodating. Thank you for all u do in the ministry and always being such a huge blessing to us all. I💖U

#Mydeclarations I walk in newness of life, living out the glorious Christ-life predestined for me from the foundation of the world. I’m chosen, royal, peculiar, excellent, and full of glory. I walk in victory and dominion always. Hallelujah

#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 14TH JUNE. I affirm that I am an offspring of the Word. Nothing is impossible unto me because as Jesus is, so am I in this world. I am energized and aglow with the anointing, and the grace and peace of God are multiplied to me through the knowledge of God, as I walk in and with the Spirit to impact my world with the Gospel. The wisdom of God guides me to talk and live right always; manifesting the righteousness of Christ! I have a meek and quiet spirit, which in the sight of God is of great price. I am patient, compassionate and kind; and I demonstrate the love of God to my world today. My eyes are anointed to see the best in people and the good in the land. I am strong and courageous; I refuse to be moved by the things I see with my physical eyes! I choose to see with the eyes of the spirit, I see glory, victory, success, and triumph all around me. I see with the eyes of the spirit, through the Word, my glorious heritage in Christ. I see my salvation, strength, courage, victory, and righteousness! Hallelujah! My life is an endless stream of the miraculous because I can see through the Word that God has given unto me all things that pertain to life and Godliness. I give expression to the life of Christ and His nature of righteousness in me today, functioning with precision and wisdom in all I do. Today, I bring forth good things from within me because eternity is laid in my heart. I bring forth creative ideas because Christ has been made unto me wisdom. I initiate success, victory, and prosperity from within. Glory to God. Hallelujah! #Cemidwestzone

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I'm alive unto God and a Wonder to World

Jesus is my rock were my hope comes from, I'm the righteousness of God, I'm a new creation nothing die in me and on me. Hallelujah glory to God. #cewzone #ceairportroadchurch4

THE NEXT BIG MINISTRY PROGRAM IS IN 7DAYS! IT'S THE INTERNATIONAL CELL LEADERS CONFERENCE 2018!! Your Preparation for this Conference plays a key role in determining how much you would receive during the Conference and your results afterwards. Remember, every delegate would receive special impartation and fresh fire for the work of the Ministry. You don't want to miss this!!! Quick Steps in Preparing yourself: 1. Have an Expectation 2. Read up notes from previous ICLC Programs 3. Take out time to pray and fast concerning what you desire to receive at ICLC 4. Outline your testimonies resulting from ICLC 2018 ahead of time 5. Have an attitude of Thanksgiving to God in celebrating your victories For more information, visit God Bless You!  #ICLC2018 #NWVZ1

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