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Never depend on a single Never depend on a single Never depend on a single Never depend on a single

هُناك خرافه تقول: أن الشمس والقمر كانا مُغرمان ببعضهما ولم يستطيعا أبداً أن يكونا معاً لأختلاف توقيتهما ، لذلك خُلق الكسوف كي يبرهن أنه لا بد من لقاء، رغم البُعد .. يتباعدان دهراً ليلتقيا بعد غياب طويل ويعبران عن حبهما العميق بالعناق.

The Lord has blessed me,I have all that I need for every good work.. Alleluia #ceonitshazone #ceozonalchurch #ceozexecutive

Celebrating my friend, my love, my prayer partner and my confidante @ 50. #dbk@50

Updated his profile photo

#PDF15O7  #myPDFimpact #myPDFsong #PDF1507scripturechallenge

Those of you who are still with doubts.. join my team today

Still celebrating the very dear Dcns Maureen. Happy Birthday Ma. I love you dearly!

Dear Lord Jesus, you’re the true Light that lights every man that comes into the world. You’re the living Word of God, full of grace and reality! The Word of God on my lips brings healing, prosperity and deliverance; I walk in victory today. Blessed be God!

GLOBAL VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONATION CAMPAIGN UPDATES Matt 5:14 "Ye are the Light of the World" The members of the Volunteer Medical Corps UK Zone 1 Chapter organised a successful voluntary blood donation drive in partnership with the Trauma Care International Foundation at the NHS Trust Blood Donation centre. Thank you for shining the light of voluntary blood donation in Europe. To sign up as a voluntary blood donor and join our global team of lifesavers, visit #savingliveseveryday #vmcorps #ukz1 @CEUKZ1

Congratulations Pastor Sir.

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